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Yaremche is a green pearl of Carpathians and a low-lying mountain climatic health resort. It is located at a height of 525-560 metres above the White Sea level, 68 km away from Ivano-Frankivsk, the regional center.
The very first information about Yaremche dates back to Yosypivskiy census of 1788. Under Polish suppression it was one of the most well-known health resorts. In Soviet times the town had received the status of regional subordinateship with 1.5 mln visitors annually.

The main industry of the town is industry of tourism. There are many tourist centers, sanatoriums, preventive clinics, recreational centers, holiday camps for kids, motels, private holiday hotels on the territory of the town and its suburbs.

The complex of cottages «U Halyny» («At Halyna») is one of the most attractive.
It consists of three cottages with rich choice of accommodations and services. The complex is situated on the 200 m mountain near the river Prut.